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Why simulations work for performance management training

March 23, 2023

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In this issue we are asking why we should care about why simulations work for #performancemanagement training.

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What is performance management training?

Performance management training is an essential part of any organisation's talent management strategy. It helps to improve employee performance, increase productivity, and achieve business objectives. Simulation-based training is becoming increasingly popular in performance management training. In this blog, we'll explore why simulations are essential for performance management training.

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What are simulations?

Simulations replicate real-life situations and experiences, often via games. They allow learners to practice and experiment with different scenarios without the risk of real-world consequences. Simulations can be used for a wide range of purposes, including performance management training

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Why are simulations important for performance management training?

Realistic learning environment

Simulations provide learners with a realistic learning environment that closely replicates real-life situations. This allows learners to practice and develop their skills in a safe and controlled environment. Learners can experiment with different approaches and strategies without the fear of negative consequences. Generally characters or situations are inspired by actual people or scenarios so can be very close to real life.

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Active learning

Simulation-based training is an active learning process that engages learners in the learning process. Learners are actively involved in the simulation, making decisions, and receiving feedback in real-time. This type of active learning is more effective than passive learning, such as reading or watching videos. A recent study showed that learners are 75% more likely to retain the knowledge gained via a simulation versus a talk or lecture.

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Feedback and evaluation

Simulations provide learners with immediate feedback and evaluation. This allows learners to identify areas for improvement and adjust their approach accordingly. Feedback and evaluation are essential for the development of skills and the improvement of performance. If we accept this and that real learning takes place after someone leaves the training environment, then we need to make sure they are equipped when they go back to work.

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Simulations are cost-effective compared to traditional training methods. It is also true that an effective simulation can reduce the risk of business/time lost when the learner encounters the situation in real life! Investing in these types of interventions front-end saves time and money in the long run.

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Simulations are customizable to meet the specific needs of an organisation. Organisations can create simulations that replicate real-life scenarios specific to their industry, company, or job function. This allows learners to practice and develop skills that are relevant to their job and organisation. Partnering with an organisation like Manabu Learning will help you create simulations that are relevant and applicable to the experience of your people.

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Simulation-based training is an effective way to train employees on performance management. It provides a realistic learning environment, engages learners in active learning, provides feedback and evaluation, is cost-effective, and customizable. Organisations that incorporate simulations into their performance management training can improve employee performance, increase productivity, and achieve their business objectives.

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