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Helping companies see the potential in their workforce

Either through team building events or through our signature team development programme, you can see measurable improvements in your workforce when you invest in learning and development with Manabu Learning.

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An unhappy workforce is a problem for your organisation

If your organisation is suffering from issues such as demotivation, disconnection, unhappy staff and a workforce with no clear vision of how they can progress their careers, you’re likely experiencing low productivity and high staff turnover. Maybe your once-buzzy staff have been heavily affected by COVID restrictions in recent times and you’re worried about the long-term impact on morale and productivity. Either way, an unhappy workforce is a problem for your organisation.

At Manabu Learning, founder and learning development consultant William Redpath uses his signature online interactive events and games to boost morale, team building, learning and future workforce development. If your organisation is suffering from any of the problems above, we can help you. Read more about Manabu Learning’s founder William Redpath and his vision for helping employers and their workforce here.

Virtual Team-Building Events

Boost team morale and improve communication skills, all while having fun, when you choose one of our interactive online entertainment packages.

Team Learning and Development Consulting

Get an in-depth analysis of your workforce when you choose a bespoke team learning and development package

We have helped some incredible organisations engage their teams online

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