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Our vision

An accessible and inclusive global learning community that inspires potential and changes lives.

Our mission

Connecting people with tools and experiences to foster lifelong learning, inspire curiosity and provide enjoyment.

Our values


We believe business can be conducted in a way that is happy, positive and hopeful while remaining customer and results focussed.  We strive to create environments that promote positivity and possibility.


We believe in lifelong learning and developing expertise.  As such we are open-minded about solutions and will proactively seek out points of view that challenge norms and bias.


We believe we are equal citizens of a rich and diverse world.  Every person that interacts with our organisation has wisdom and understands their context better than anyone else.


We believe in using modern and fresh methods that connect with our learners.  We constantly review our methods of communicating information, spreading ideas and creating immersive experiences.

William Redpath

Owner and founder,
Manabu Learning

I've always been a people person, driven by learning and development.  

Throughout my life, I have been motivated by and attracted to experiences which have pushed me out of my comfort zone.

On that journey though I have met many people who have not had the same opportunity to reflect, grow and use these experiences to develop their careers and communities.

The result was a negative relationship with their career, themselves and their potential.

I created Manabu Learning because I had a vision to grow a global community that could support each other, inspire this untapped potential and change lives.

When you work with us you get a team that understands the problems that exist with engaging and developing a diverse workforce.

How do we do it?

  1. Initial Consultation: We begin by understanding your team's unique dynamics, challenges, and aspirations during an initial consultation. This deep dive allows us to tailor our approach to your specific needs.

  2. Diagnostic Assessment: Through skilful questioning and attentive listening, we conduct a diagnostic assessment, gaining profound insights into your strengths and areas for development.

  3. Customised Coaching Plan: With your objectives and values at the forefront, we craft a customised coaching plan that aligns with your collective goals, setting the stage for purposeful coaching sessions.

  4. Engaging Coaching Sessions: Facilitated by our experienced coach, engaging coaching sessions are designed to foster open communication, build rapport, and stimulate innovative thinking.

  5. Collective Exploration: Through thought-provoking interventions, we collaboratively explore challenges, leverage collective wisdom, and co-create strategies to drive positive change.

  6. Continuous Progress Review: Regular progress evaluations ensure we stay on track and celebrate milestones, while adapting our approach to maximise impact.

  7. Sustainable Development: As the coaching journey concludes, we empower you with practical tools and strategies to sustain growth, cohesion, and ongoing success.

Our credentials

60+ 5 star Google reviews for our services.
Up to date qualifications, credentials and supervision for every member of our team.
Clients in every continent who believe in our values and vision.
Practice grounded in modern methods that inspires and excites.
Combined 50 years of learning and development experience in our team.
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10, The Foundry, 68-72 Newtownards Rd, Belfast BT4 1GW
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