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The 5 biggest trends in learning and development

March 8, 2023

Welcome along to #TalkingTeams

Talking Teams is a weekly newsletter about all things people development and is for HR managers, L&D people and team leaders. If you are working with people then we are confident that this content will be of value to you.

In this issue we asked #ChatGPT what the biggest trends were in Learning & Development. Here is what it said ????

Here are five of the biggest trends in workplace learning and development:

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  • Personalised Learning: Companies are recognizing that one-size-fits-all training programs are not effective for everyone. To improve employee engagement and retention, personalised learning has become a trend. Personalised learning involves tailoring training programs to individual employees' needs, preferences, and learning styles.

William note - So I tend to agree. Rolling people into classroom-based learning, where everyone is spoon-fed the same information doesn't work anymore (did it ever!?!)

For me, it has never been easier to get closer to individual learners and their needs through technology. It's not even that expensive to do.

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  • Microlearning: Microlearning is an approach that involves delivering training content in small, bite-sized chunks. Microlearning is a popular trend because it fits into employees' busy schedules and can be easily accessed on-the-go through mobile devices.

William note - Yeap on this one too. Why do you think Insta reels, Youtube shorts to TikToks are so popular?

I know when I want to learn how to do something I look for the shortest possible video on Youtube / the quickest way to get to the answer. Videos with chapters are AMAZING!

Why can't we do this with our learning content?

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  • Gamification: Gamification involves incorporating game-like elements, such as points, badges, and leaderboards, into training programs. Gamification makes learning more engaging and interactive, which can lead to improved learning outcomes.

William note - Well, we use games and it works!

The tricky thing with games is that sometimes the fun takes over and we lose sight of why we are using a game in the first place. Sometimes language is important here so even subtly changing the terminology to 'simulation' can be helpful.

Think of what you want to get out of the experience and go from there.

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  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): VR and AR are technologies that allow users to experience immersive, simulated environments. These technologies have been used in workplace learning and development to provide employees with realistic, hands-on training experiences that are safe and cost-effective.

William note - I'm still on the fence on this one.

At the moment VR has a considerable setup investment in terms of actual capital, time and the energy you will expend on a new idea.

I think it's far too important to be reduced to a gimmick as well. If you are planning to use make sure you are partnering with someone that really understands your needs.

  • Data-Driven Learning: With the increasing availability of data analytics tools, companies are using data to improve the effectiveness of their training programs. Data-driven learning involves using data to identify skill gaps and training needs, measuring the effectiveness of training programs, and adjusting training programs based on data insights.

William note - I don't think we are buying a Learning Management System (LMS) these days without the capability to delve into the data.

Using qualitative and quantitative data to help you make better decisions and build capital with whoever signs off on the interventions (FDs are you listening?) is a proper, grown-up way to go about your business.

If you found this article/newsletter useful then give me some feedback or reach out and we can chat about this stuff a little more.

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