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Simple ways to improve how you manage remotely

August 31, 2022

Does your remote management style create anxiety?

When we are managing people we rarely or never meet in person it is very normal to worry about productivity.

Our interactions with our team can feel more chaotic, strained and the feeling that ‘I am doing this all wrong’.

The challenge is that when these interactions lead to a breakdown in morale, the research shows that sick days and staff turnover increase.

Rather than seeing micro-monitoring as the solution we must look at grounding relationships in trust and empowerment, focussing on outputs as the key metric - especially if performance is a concern.

The most important relationships we have in work are with our line managers, and vice versa. Becoming more transparent with our decisions and using frequent check-ins are great ways to develop trust and move these relationships to a better place.

The art of good management? Delegation!

Delegation has come up so much in our conversations with clients recently.

We have been talking broadly about storytelling and specifically the stories we tell ourselves about why we CANNOT delegate to others.

'No on else can do this job'

'I'm the one that has been asked to do it'

'Everyone else is too busy, I can't pile more work on!'

Using an assets based approach, with questions like those below can be a great place to start with our teams.

‘Who would be brilliant at this?’

‘Who needs the development?’

You won’t regret it!

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