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Fresh, innovative and effective tools for your interventions

Learn how to use our games as part of your wider work with a team or client.

Our train the trainer programme will give you access to our web-based games as well as training on how to use them effectively.

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Everyone is looking for inspiration

As a serious corporate trainer you are either recruiting people internally for your training programme, or trying to get re-hired by your client.

The challenge is that participants have never been more difficult to engage & clients are under more pressure than ever to demonstrate the results of their investment.

You might even have used games in the past as part of a programme.  Trouble is that a lot of games are either built for purely for entertainment OR they go too far the other way and they feel too much like 'work' (which is worse!).

We want to make it easy for you to make the great work that you do, better.  Our tools will help you create better interventions with participants AND help you report better on the results.

Why Manabu Learning?

Put simply, we know what we are doing.

We have grown up using these methods with some of the most difficult-to-reach groups in society, so we know what works.

It was not always this way, and we were once like you - trying to find the next thing that could excite and inspire our people.

Our belief is that you can hope for nothing more than for people to turn up as themselves.

Our games will make sure people do that.

How it works

Book a call with us to discuss your needs and likely group.
Followng sign up you will gain access to our platform, which houses our games.  We will also book a convenient time for your training session.
Following your first session with participants we will organise a follow up to hear how it went and discuss any areas for improvement.
We will update you regularly about changes and improvements to our games based on feedback from our clients.
We will organise a 12 month review, when you can provide feedback on the games and choose to renew your license.  We will also offer a refresher training, if required.
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