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Ideas that inspire and connect your team to modern workplace developments

Bespoke, interactive live events that stimulate discussion and help you create psychological safety in your team.

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Fresh ideas and modern techniques that can be applied at work

Has any of your team ever experienced imposter syndrome?

Do they need help to develop a growth mindset?

How do you create a psychologically safe environment in your team?

For many leaders it can be a challenge to bring their teams together in a way that is both meaningful and productive whilst also making sure that the experience is an engaging one.

With you, we create a series of webinars that provide context around the topics that your people are concerned about. Crucially however we ensure that participants are able to share their own views both with our facilitators and each other in smaller groups, in a constructive and safe way.

How does it work?

  • Following an initial consultation call we agree a series of topics that you feel will connect with your team.
  • Once agreed we will send outline content and format for approval as well agreeing the dates for our series.
  • The webinars themselves are a mix of educational content and interactive discussions, encouraging participants to be open and share their experiences and reflections on the topic.
  • Participants will also be able to interact with feedback tools during, after and between sessions to better understand how they are applying the learning at work.
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