Andy Hewitt

Associate facilitator & coach

Based in Belfast, UK, Andy has worked with a variety of clients across global and financial services, technology companies and elite sports.  He has worked with senior executives and talent populations, both in 1-1 and team coaching, helping individuals and teams perform to their potential.

His initial training was in law but a change of direction led Andy into Management within the Third Sector in N.Ireland with an organisation which focuses on developing young people, and at a more strategic level developing a network of community hubs across NI, particularly in areas marked by social deprivation.

He currently provides consultancy support to a Regional Network of 27 Youth Charities, focussing on Workforce Development, Training and Development, Advocacy and Lobbying.

His 25 years experience of Third Sector management has influenced his coaching style - balancing challenge and support, raising awareness of unproductive behaviours and helping clients develop pathways for growth.  It has given him an appreciation of the innate potential of people and how they can grow in self-belief, self expression and find clarity and purpose in their career.  Andy’s coaching reflects his belief that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

Core interests:

> Resilience and life balance

> Managing self

> Leading Teams

> Leading in Transitions

What approach do you take or what do you typically find yourself supporting your coachees with?

> Raising awareness of potentially unproductive thought patterns/behaviours

> Focussing on what the client can control

> Developing pathways/tools for growth & development

> Navigating the emotions of change & transition

> Asset based approaches