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Fun, innovative and unique digital games to help you grow revenue in your coaching practice

Bring outstanding experiences to your clients that will have them coming back time and again.

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Unique concepts that enhance your coaching interventions

Our games are meticulously designed to address the pain point that plagues many coaches—the struggle to set themselves apart in a crowded marketplace.

These interactive experiences offer a unique and engaging approach to team dynamics, communication, and leadership development.

By integrating our games into your coaching practice, you not only create a memorable and transformative coaching journey for your clients but also establish yourself as a coach who goes above and beyond the ordinary

Smyth & Co.

  • A 3-hour immersive business simulation game
  • Played in small teams
  • Your mission: Take over a struggling regional delivery company
  • Turn around the company's fortunes by making strategic decisions
  • Realistic scenarios challenge your team's problem-solving and leadership skills
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The Case of The Montague Diamond

  • An original mystery game designed for small teams
  • Your objective: Solve the daring theft of the Montague Diamond
  • Engage in collaborative problem-solving
  • Piece together clues, interrogate suspects, and follow the trail
  • A thrilling challenge that tests your deductive and teamwork abilities
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The Case of The Silver Salver

  • Dive into the mysterious murder of a prominent figure
  • Work in small teams to uncover the truth
  • Solve puzzles, interview witnesses, and analyze evidence
  • A suspenseful murder mystery that demands your investigative prowess
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Royal Fortune

  • Embark on a thrilling lost at sea adventure
  • Navigate treacherous waters and make life-or-death decisions
  • Face conflicting advice from different crew members
  • Your choices determine your fate in this immersive journey
  • A high-stakes adventure that tests your decision-making and teamwork under pressure
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