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What's important to you here? Dealing with awkward situations

October 18, 2021

Non-directed observation

So something that’s been working well for some of our clients recently has been this whole idea of ‘non-directed observation’. This basically means that if someone is discussing an issue with you, observe and reflect what they are saying, rather than trying to interpret it.

It works SO WELL because it makes you listen!

I made this short video a couple of weeks ago so take a look and let me know if it resonates with you.

Dealing with awkward situations

Something else we got asked about last week was advice on dealing with confrontation with a colleague.

Now, a lot of this comes down to the context of the situation and the relationship but there are some good techniques you can use which can even just help you settle and buy time.

When I’m confronted I get a really horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach - I don’t know about other people but for me asking questions can really help!

What’s important to you here?

What would be a good outcome for you?

What would be a good next step for us?

Getting someone to think and buying yourself time is a great way for both parties to resolve an otherwise awkward situation.

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