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Live, in-person team building experiences that bring your team together away from the workflow

Connected, meaningful events that help participants improve relationships, performance and productivity

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Unique programmes that bring your team together at an on-site or off-site location

One of the most challenging parts of bringing your people together is how do you do something which simultaneously includes everyone, provides entertainment, space for reflection and return on your investment?

At Manabu Learning we believe that by getting people involved in immersive experiences, you can create amazing developmental opportunities.

Our methods always get participants involved in activities or games that allow them to show their true selves and help you as their employer identify skills and abilities that were previously unseen.

How does it work?

To ensure our clients always receive the best possible value for money we always work in terms of programmes or multiple events.

This allows us to demonstrate change and development over time as we build trust and relationships with learners.

The events themselves have been written by our team and are based on modern learning theory and use innovative techniques.

Most of all though are events are always fun! We love to excite and entertain all of our learners and we use a combination of digital technology and physical props to create our environments.

Our activities include escape room style events, detective games and business simulation experiences.

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