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Modern technology that creates an unrivalled hybrid meeting experience

With our industry-leading equipment hybrid meetings between your team has never been more possible.

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Superior hybrid meeting solutions with Owl Labs and Manabu Learning

As the way in which we work continues to change and evolve it is important that you don’t let a poor meeting experience get in the way of meaningful discussion and important decisions.

We have all been there – a laptop camera shared between 4 people, changing seats when it is our time to speak because the microphone won’t pick us up or huddled around the laptop just to hear the people on the other end.

At Manabu Learning we can create an incredible hybrid meeting experience for your team, through one of our Owl Meeting Pro 360 cameras and knowledgeable technician.

How will this improve my meeting experience?

By booking our Owl Meeting Pro camera and technician for your next hybrid meeting you will:

  • Ensure your online participants can see everyone in the room.
  • Guarantee participants in the room can be seen and heard clearly up to eighteen feet away.
  • Use technology that will work in a variety of board rooms and meeting spaces.
  • Never go back to a basic laptop again!
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