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Providing leaders with time to think, challenge and space to explore business problems.

121 and facilitated group coaching that will create massive impact in your organisation through new solutions, perspective and space to develop your own wisdom.

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What is ‘coaching’?

Coaching is a set of skills, competencies, behaviours and techniques that empower the other person (‘the coachee’) to come up with solutions to problems. Crucially, the practice of coaching is normally ‘non-directed’ meaning that it is less about advice and more about good listening and asking the right questions.

Why do I need it?

Most of the clients we work with are busy executives who struggle to find the time to really think about the challenges that are affecting their organisation. Ask yourself, when was the last time you spent time with someone and felt really listened to, without the other person jumping in or offering advice?

Spending time with a competent coach can help you get the perspective and challenge you need to make the right decisions for your team.

Why Manabu Learning?

All our practitioners are experienced and qualified Executive coaches with industry-recognised qualifications.

They also attend regular supervision to ensure quality standards are maintained and any issues with practice are addressed.

We have worked with Executives across the world, supporting our coachees with issues around time, budget, strategic decision making and managing people.

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