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Does your company have a productivity or performance issue?

Many organisations (perhaps even your own) struggle with high staff turnover, low morale and poor productivity - challenges made even worse by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Industry reports would suggest that to overcome these problems we must invest in our people by spending more on staff 'training' and people development.

The problem is that despite over £44 billion of investment each year in learning and development we continue to have a productivity crisis in the UK, we also struggle to prove what the return on investment has been on our substantial training outlays.

This is because programmes are not designed with outcomes in mind - rather they tick a box as content is repeated and rehashed to disconnected and disinterested learners.

We believe that this is not only a waste of money but it misses an enormous opportunity to effect real change in an organisation.

Working with you to co-create solutions that speak to the unique needs of your organisation we can equip learners with greater confidence and competence in their jobs, leading to higher staff engagement, performance and retention.

When you choose to work with Manabu Learning we will take the time to understand your business goals and ultimately the problem you are trying to solve.  Then and only then will we recommend how we can support you to resolve it.

How are we different?

When you work with us we will commit to 2 key interventions:

To openly and honestly test the assumptions that you have about a business problem.

How to take action using the latest technology including automation, events, video and resources.

We are different because our solutions are co-created and designed alongside the participants.

The days of 30 people taking part in classroom training or an 'induction day' are over - our work goes far beyond training as a box ticking exercise and seeks to address the real problems in your organisation.

For example - our interventions might take what you spend on a 1 day induction event and turn it into a 90 day experience - using cost effective technology such as campaigns and automation to get you more bang for your buck, delivering a world class first experience for your new employees.

We might even help you create resources and video that answer common questions, freeing your line managers up to think about how to improve performance and build the relationships with staff that are critical for success.

At all times we seek to minimise cost and maximise return on investment - striving to obtain feedback and prove the value of our interventions to your organisation.

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